Eye Examinations

Eye examinations do more than determine if you see well, they are a vital part of your overall health. At Summers Independent Optician we offer Expert Eyecare, and you’ll receive the highest standard of eye examination.

You won’t be rushed:  Most of our clients only require an eye examination once every 2 years, so we want to provide the most thorough eye examination available. Thats why we offer longer appointment times than frequently found at other opticians, with time to clearly explain the results of your eye exam and answer any questions you may have.

The extra time allows us to learn more about YOU, and what your needs and preferences are, meaning you’ll get the most effective advice and solutions because its tailored specifically to you. 

We don’t do basic: All of our Optometrists have worked in the Hospital Eye Service, so you’ll be seeing an expert, and our Advanced Eye Exam includes state of the art, hospital standard imaging techniques. 


Our Advanced Eye Examination includes all of the standard components you’d expect from a basic sight test, but a thorough screening of the retina is vital to verify that your eyes are healthy. In order to achieve this, our Advanced Eye Examination utilises the most up-to-date imaging techniques usually found only in hospital eye departments.

Our Advanced Eye Exam provides:

  • Imaging techniques to show a healthy eye or detect changes
  • A detailed view of the retina, giving us a more comprehensive view than other methods
  • The opportunity for you to view and discuss the images of your eye with your Optometrist at the time of your exam
  • An exact record of how the back of your eye looks, so in the future any change can be found by comparing the images to previous years. In this way any changes can be detected at an early stage, whilst easier to treat

Our Advanced Eye Examination includes Optos Optomap Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging. Summers Opticians are amongst a small number of practices in the UK who have invested in this technology, enabling us to view up to 97% of your retina. As a comparison, standard digital retinal photography, offered by most UK practices, shows as little as 15% of the retinal surface.

You will also benefit from an OCT scan, often described as an MRI for the eye. Our Heidelberg OCT allows your Optometrist to see a cross-sectional image of the layers of your retina, and can also be used to evaluate disorders of the optic nerve.


Our Advanced Eye Examination gives you the greatest peace of mind, knowing you have had the most thorough and fully comprehensive eye exam available.

Plus the imaging techniques we use are quick, painless, and non-invasive, and provide your Optometrist with the most detailed picture of your eye health and vision.