About Us

Stephen Carr

Director and Head Optometrist

Stephen has worked in Optics for over 20 years, and his experience in a number of different clinical settings has developed his expertise in various complex eye conditions.

Having worked at both the Birmingham Midland Eye Centre and the RVI Newcastle Eye Centre, these experiences enabled Stephen to further his studies, having completed the Independent Therapeutic Prescribing qualification. This qualification is held by only a small number of Optometrists within the UK, and allows Stephen to take patients on their complete eye care journey, from clinical assessment and diagnosis, to clinical management and prescribing where necessary.

Stephen has also worked within the field of refractive surgery for over 10 years, and his knowledge and expertise of refractive surgeries ensures his patients receive the most expert eye care tailored to their needs.

When Stephen took over the practice he wanted to offer patients the most comprehensive eye care available, and he has invested in market leading technology to ensure the best and most advanced eye care.

Andrea Kirton


Stephen met Andrea when they worked together at the RVI Eye Department, and we were delighted when she agreed to come and work at Summers.

Like Stephen, Andrea also holds the Independent Therapeutic Prescribing qualification, and has worked in a number of clinical settings.

Andrea is passionate about eyes and developed an interest in the field of Optometry in her childhood, having worn glasses from an early age.

Edel Stafford


Stephen also met Edel at the RVI, and she has recently become a further member of our highly experienced and clinical team.

Edel has worked in a number of clinical settings, including the eye department at the RVI and the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Edel also holds the Independent Therapeutic Prescribing qualification.

Kay Wilkinson

Dispensing Optician and Practice Manager

Kay is a qualified Dispensing Optician and our Practice Manager.

Kay has worked in Optics for over 20 years, and as a Dispensing Optician Kay’s job is to interpret patients’ prescriptions written by our Optometrists.

Her vast knowledge and experience ensures our patients are offered the perfect frames and lenses, matching their prescription, lifestyle and personal taste.

Kay is passionate about eyewear and carefully selects the collections at Summers, ensuring we have a wide variety of high quality frames to suit all tastes and budgets.

Catherine Carr

Company Secretary

Catherine is responsible for the administration of the practice, and spends a lot of time behind the scenes ensuring everything is running smoothly within the business.

Catherine can also be found working within the practice, and works along side Ruth in performing patient pre-screening tests and scans.

Linda McGuigan, Liz Ring and Ruth Bunker

Optical Assistants

Both Linda and Liz are familiar faces to our patients, having worked at Summers for many years. Their decades of experience and training in the field of Optics mean they are both well equipped to dispense glasses to our patients, and both offer our patients advice and guidance on the insertion and care of contact lenses.

Ruth is the newest member of our team, and comes with ten years experience in the field of refractive surgery. Ruth has vast experience as an Optical Technician, and is responsible for our pre-screening tests and scans.