Multifocal Lenses

From the age of around 40 to 50 most of us will notice our ability to focus upon close print becomes increasingly difficult, eventually this may require the use of glasses to help us focus, or for short-sighted people they may need to remove their glasses to read close print. Contact lens wearers may also require reading glasses to wear over the top of their contact lenses.

This age-related change is called presbyopia, and it affects everyone at some stage in their life, but the constant need to put on / take off reading glasses can become a frustrating process.

As a solution to this problem we can offer our patients a choice of contact lenses that can not only improve your ability to see in the distance, but also your near vision. These multifocal contact lenses can simultaneously focus light for both distance vision and near vision.

Following a short adaptation period, many people find that multifocal contact lenses can solve both their distance vision and near vision problems, without the need for reading glasses.

Summers Opticians have access to the latest soft lens multifocal designs from all the leading contact lens manufacturers, and are available to patients who are short-sighted, long-sighted and for those with astigmatism.

As well a soft contact lenses, multifocal lenses are available in rigid gas permeable materials and can be fitted to even the most complex of prescriptions.

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