Ortho-K Contact Lens Clinic

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) corrects your vision while you sleep. The specially designed contact lens works by subtly reshaping the curvature of the cornea overnight and reversing short-sightedness, providing clear comfortable vision throughout the day.

Ortho-K is non-invasive, safe, effective, fully reversible, and has transformed the lives of thousands of people across the world.

Ortho-K is ideal for low to moderately short-sighted patients who

  • Want clear natural vision, without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses throughout the day
  • Find glasses and contact lenses unsuitable for their occupational needs
  • Require clear vision for sport, where glasses or contact lenses would be unsafe
  • Find their contact lenses dry out when worn all day
  • Want a safe alternative to refractive surgery that is fully reversible

Ortho-K is also available to children, providing an alternative for those who would prefer not to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day, or who take part in sports such as swimming where contact lens wear would be unsafe. A further advantage for children is that Ortho-K has been shown to slow the progression of short-sightedness, and at Summers Opticians, Ortho-K lenses are used as a method of Myopia Management.


What is the Ortho-K Consultation and Fitting Process?


1. Your initial consultation appointment
Following an examination of your eyes, a detailed analysis of the curvature of your cornea is performed using a Topographer; this allows your Optometrist to use sophisticated software to custom design a lens specifically for your cornea.

2. Your contact lens collection appointment
Once your custom lenses have been manufactured, your Optometrist will complete a further assessment to ensure the safest and most comfortable fit is achieved. Once the fit has been assessed using Digital Slit Lamp Photography, you will be shown the correct way to insert, remove, and clean your lenses.

3. Two follow up appointments to monitor your progress
Your first follow up appointment will be arranged the morning after sleeping in your lenses for the first time. This is essential to allow us to assess the initial change to the curvature of your cornea, and the improvement in your vision. Your second follow up appointment will be arranged after the first full week of wear to check on your progress.

Who is suitable for Ortho-K?

Ortho-K is suitable for patients with a spectacle prescription of between -1.00DS and -5.00DS, with astigmatism up to 1.50DC.

You must have a valid spectacle prescription to book a consultation, if you do not have an up to date prescription please call us to arrange an eye examination.

If you have any further questions in relation to Ortho-K, please call us at the practice for more information.


How much does Ortho-K Cost?

Your initial Ortho-K consultation is £200, and should you decide to go ahead all additional costs are covered via our iCARE Plan+ direct debit scheme at £60 per month.

Your monthly payment covers the cost of your contact lenses, solutions, and all Ortho-K appointments, plus an advanced eye examination every 2 years.

Further information on iCare Plan+ can be found here.